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Eye care professionals, up to now, have had little choice other than to examine a patient’s eyes using their thumb and fingers. This process is unhygienic, inelegant, and can be ineffective and frustrating for both the doctor and patient. Nonetheless, virtually all professionals use this method repeatedly throughout their work, from the minimal office visit to the comprehensive examination.


EyeGenie DispenserThe Eyegenie® offers a new alternative. It uses a set of delicate wands to accurately and comfortably displace one or both lids back toward the orbit. It provides clear, quick and unencumbered access to the eye. It is hygienic, easy to use, and safe because it contacts only the external skin of the eyelid. The Eyegenie® is a multi-functional and versatile tool that can be used by eye care professionals in virtually every patient encounter, leading to a more enjoyable experience for both the professional and patient.

The specific professional applications of the Eyegenie® include, but are not limited to: external examination, biomicroscopy, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, and contact lens evaluations. In addition to the usefulness of the Eyegenie® in most diagnostic procedures, it can also simplify the application of contact lenses and eye medications. For patients who find eye care difficult using their fingers, the Eyegenie® provides a new and appealing alternative that gives them better control over their own eye care.

The Eye GenieAttractive and easy to use, the Eyegenie® is a significant addition to the future of eye care. Both the clinician and consumer will soon come to rely on the improved access, hygiene, and convenience that the Eyegenie® provides.

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